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The FwdRatesDB is the class that serves up the collection of FwdRate objects you want returned in the ArrayCollection. Make it what you want it!

	import IFwdRatesAction;
	import FwdRatesDB;
	import FwdRatesEvent;

	import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
	import mx.logging.ILogger;
	import mx.logging.Log;
	import mx.rpc.AsyncToken;

	public class FwdRatesActionMock extends GenericActionMock implements IFwdRatesAction
		private static var log:ILogger = Log.getLogger("FwdRatesActionMock");

		public var fwdRatesDB:FwdRatesDB;

		public function FwdRatesActionMock(wantGoodResult:Boolean = true)

		public function getFXFwdRates(event:FwdRatesEvent) : AsyncToken
			log.debug("called getFXFwdRates");
			var fwdRates:ArrayCollection = fwdRatesDB.getFwdRates();
			var token:AsyncToken = new AsyncToken();
			token.data = fwdRates;
			return token;